Better late than never. My conclusion of the Northern Voice conference.

Its been a number of weeks since the Northern Voice conference has ended but I still wanted to give a little recap of my experience.
The tiki dinner on the opening night was very lovely with volunteers, including myself, reading and sharing previous blog posts and samples of writing. Some funny, some heartfelt, over all a nice touch to the opening party of a geek conference. Also I have to mention the lovely ladies from lipgloss and laptops.. they completely hooked all the speakers up with mac products, and I being the complete mac feen was *so* exited to get the goodie bag.  Apparently mac cosmetics donated a bountiful amount of products… how nice!

northern voice 2008

The next morning took alot of coffee to get going, but it was worth it as there were many awsome speakers that I just didn’t want to miss. A couple of them to mention are Dave Olson, Alex Waterhouse Hayward, Kris Krug, and Stephanie Vacher.

northern vioce 2008

northern vioce 2008

There was also lots of time to meet other people, get to know some of those familiar faces that I have seen at other events, and share a laugh with a friend or two. I am certainly no seasoned attender at these types of conferences, so my humble opinion may not carry much weight, but for what its worth, Northern Voice has been my favorite one so far.

christinanorthern vioce 2008

ariannathe apparatus


One thought on “Better late than never. My conclusion of the Northern Voice conference.

  1. stoked you could come and participate. hope you learned lots and made some new geek friends. thx for the wrap-up post… and cute pic. 🙂

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