Seasons and collections can be viewed and purchased by following the links below.

F/W 2013 Waltz.

S/S 2013 CROWmurder (Vallue Village 68lb challenge)

F/W 2012 nUmana.

F/W 2011 Suture.

S/S 2011 Dreamcatcher

F/W 2010 NOIR

S/S  2010 . elements.

F/W 2009 Cake

S/S 2009 “3”

S/S 2008 To the farm.

spring 2008

winter dresses

more stuff

20 thoughts on “Collections

  1. Do you sell your stuff online at all? I was looking at your Flickr page and saw some amazing pieces. But I am in Australia…

  2. Hey there,
    I’m from Toronto and stumbled on your blog.
    I adore your clothing.
    How can I purchase?

    kudos from the tdot

  3. Awesome.
    Thanks for replying on my blog.
    Now the problem is deciding which one of these goodies I want!!!
    Judging from your clothes, i think we could get along really well!

    I’ll get at you soon.

  4. Hello Miss Kim,
    we have an all Canadian boutique out here and we would love some of your pieces…we have over 40 labels…mens/ladies/accessories and lots of fantastic-ness all around…if your interested we are in!

    (ps. we found your hats online when we were searching for new labels to add to our roster, then I figured out who you were and…we both went to Concordia…, by the way we also carry Allys’ Beadjuled line…)

    so yah…take care and hope to hear from you

    Tressa and Evan

  5. Kim what the heck…your name is so familiar. Did you live in Whistler? Why do I feel like I know you more? Saw you on PRC tonight and your name rang a bell.

    Beautiful clothing, great work would love to get my hands on some of your clothes!!!!

    Well done, sweets.

  6. hii!

    So im friends with your cousin shelby camozzie 🙂 and she always talked about how greate you are! I watched you on on project runway and agree your stuff is great! how do I go about ordering something from you? I was looking at the pics under “more stuff” and saw a 3 1/4 length sweater with a big gray hood on it! I thought it was so unique and so cool 🙂 and id really like to get one!!
    hope to hear from you.
    -Jen –

  7. Hi, I met you in the village a couple days ago admiring your golden dress! Do you have a shop in Van or is it all done via le web to get pricing and sizing and such?

    Thank you for making such stunning clothing!


  8. I love your clothes and already have a few things picked, out can I purchase online? You are gifted and I love what your creations

  9. love your clothes!!!! absolutely eye catching, i am not one for fashion but your really something, will be looking for kim cathers in the future for sure~!!!

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