boxing day sale extraveganza at discollection

christmas scene from the internet. Its almost here folks. I know its hard to believe that in only three days the wrapping paper will be strewn throughout the house, all the loot collected, tummies full of turkey,hearts aglow and the eggnog flowing. Christmas will be gone and over before you know it…. but don’t be disheartened guys….you can gather up all your Christmas cash, grab a buddy and head on down to discollection for the best boxing day sale ever.

All vintage items and I mean ALL vintage items are gong to be %40 off.

WHAT? Yeah, you heard me, 40 freakin percent.


So don’t get stuck in the nasty crowds in the mall where its possible that you might get trampled by a heard of delusional consumers,


take a stroll to discollection and have fun finding all the deals!


That is the only information you need to remember.. %40 off, discollection, 324 west hastings, boxing day baby.. oh yeah.


So we’ll see you in the shop on Tuesday. Can’t wait!

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