top 10 christmas gift ideas from discollection

Discollection has stocked its shelves with lots of goodies for Christmas shopping this year. I have compiled at top 10 list to help you find just the right things for those cool people in your life that might be hard to shop for.

1. $50 gift certificate for the price of $40. never a bad idea to let them pick their own treasure.

2. fairy hat, by fairytalefibers. a sure win with any guy or girl. these things can be worn snowboarding, chillin out, walking around, as a hood, as a hat, or if your like me, almost everyday. the fairy hat has become a staple in my wardrobe.

3. jewelry by Beadjuled. Ally Ng from Edmonton makes beautiful accessories that please almost every taste.

4. clothing by Tony Chestnuy. Jill Sawatsky from Winnipeg has started to send discollection some of her collection for your shopping pleasure.

5. hat by kdon. I’ve made these hats with the ability to fit almost every head, so its easy to give as a gift.

6. jewelry by Karyn Chopik Studio. Karyn’s jewelry is for the lady with great taste and the shopper with more of a budget. Each piece is made by hand from scratch with semi-precious stones. You must see them to fully appreciate their quality and craftmanship.

7. vintage jewelry. Its always fun to get afew fun pieces in your stocking.

8. vintage purses and bags. The great thing about accessories is they dont have to fit perfectly… one size fits all.

9. a cool retro sweater. something great for the man in your life.

10. a vintage fur stole. fur is back this season and I only promote the vintage kind, so get with the trend and give someone you love a fur hat or accessory. 🙂

That concludes the top 10 items at discollection. I hope to see you all out shopping wisely and supporting your local business people. Have a great begining to the holiday season!


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