one year anniversary approaching for discollection

As the one year mark (March6) for discollection creeps up on me here I have been thinking. Thinking of ups and downs and what the next year will hold for discollection and kdon.

Over the next little while I will be sharing with all of you what I have learned, what opportunities discollection has provided me, people that I have met becoming a part of a gastown community, and how this store has entirely changed my life. I expect it to be a great little tale of vision, execution, ambition, success, failure, business and life lessons.

The vision from the beginning was for me have a space to be creative, sell vintage clothes, work on my own designs, meet people, make contacts and expand my horizons.

The plan is to over the course of two years to have a boutique of my clothes, and a handful of other local designers wears.

March 6, 2006 after business plans, negotiations, renovations, brainstorming, painting, sorting clothes and late late nights of laboring discollection was born and ready for the world to receive her.

The first day discollection opened her doors I remember thinking “what if no one comes, what if no one knows we are here?” And the truth is, no one really did know that we were there, but people still came in. 🙂

Thus far I have to say I am proud of the successes of Discollection and my kdon line. Discollection has housed a fashion show, art shows, sold lots of great vintage and made my kdon line known to alot of different people.

Over the course of this almost year,there have been some celebrity visitors such as Rob Thomas‘ entire band, Matthew Good (whom I have become friends with in this gastown community),the Suicide girls have ordered some limited edition dresses from the kdon line to sell through their website and my friend from kindergarten: Curtis Santiago who is making his way into the international music scene. It has been great to get to know these awsome people, and also all the “infamous” wonderful folks. 🙂 I will continue to share more of these experiences over the next weeks.

This next year you can expect to see a lof kdon clothes emerging. I hope to continue meeting more beautiful customers and people alike. I have learned a lot and will continue to keep learning I am sure.

Here are some cute outfits from discollection, styled by kdon, shot by kris krug, make up by Tamar, and hair by Shai.

cute clothes from discollection

cute clothes from discollection

clothes from discollection

And finally kdon and Matt Good having fun with my new Imac and photobooth.


mg and kdon

3 thoughts on “one year anniversary approaching for discollection

  1. I know what you mean about no one knowing about your store when it opened and wondering if people would come. That fearful question passed through me too over a year ago when I started at Prepwork in a hidden location nobody knew about. I didn’t let that question stop me. I chose instead to believe that if I worked in a place that fit me then I’d be happy and that would draw the people. It did and that’s how I met you, too!

  2. Sooo proud to see things are going so well!It’s such a fun, up / down roller coaster experience living the ” dream” ! and doing it your own way !
    Much Love

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