Vancouver Christmas Shopping – Discollection Gift Cards

kdon hats and vintgae coats at discollection

It can be tough to get those funky people in your life just the right thing that you will know they will love. While we here at Discollection can’t help you with relationship problems or paying your rent or dealing with the inlaws or fixing a bad hair day (actually we prolly can help with that one) we do have the solution to your Christmas shopping problems.

If you want to avoid the stressful crowded flouresent lit shopping malls, bumping into people walking in all different directions ladden with bags upon bags….then simply take a stroll to Discollection, have a chat with our awsome staff and buy your friends and family a gift certificate so they can choose their own treasures. We carry vintage, local designer clothes and so much other awsome stuff like jewelry and handmade accessories.

friends n fairyhayts

This is what we will do for you… you only have to spend $40 on the gift certificate and we will throw in our own $10, so you can be the Christmas hero, give more, and save money… $50 dollar gift cards for $40… what a concept!!

Tell all your friends and let the giving season begin! See you at the store! And remember… mention you saw my new website and I’ll give you 10% off and take your Polaroid. 🙂

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