some new friends of kdon

This sunday I finally went to the Portobello Market… something I have meaning to check out since FOREVER. It was awsome, there are lots of cool Vancouver designers showing their great stuff and lots of friends to made as well. 🙂 I love to meet other people doing what they love, making and creating beautiful things….If you want to support independant business people trying to make their way, I suggest going. Plus its a great place to do some Christmas shopping… for those of us that are already thinking that far ahead…. i know, i know its still a month away but I’ve decided to make this the year that I dont shop on Christmas eve. heh. You should try it too.. 🙂

I met Lincoln Heller, of fiveleft leather who makes awsome leather cuff, bags and his stuff is great…

cuff by lincoln heller

I also ran into this great girl who makes sweet jewelry and belt buckles named Nicole Bigg. Her stuff is Christmas gift worthy… and.. totaly affordable, which is always nice when you don’t want to go broke shopping, but you also want to support the local artists. 🙂

There was also my buddy Hrissa who makes beautiful clothes under Elika designs. Keep an eye out for her stuff at different stores around vancouver as she emerges into the fashion scene here.

A long lost pal Amity and her business partner Justin from Spotted Cock were there selling their cute arm warmers made from recyled sweaters! They are the perfect gift for that cute, trendy person you have no idea what to get them. They come in a wide rainbow of colors and patterns, and trust me…. they are ca-hute!

spotted cock accessories

I’ll try to keep you all posted on the other cool local people doing great things so we can all support each other and make a community of caring creative souls.

Until next time eveyone,



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