2nd Annual Garbage Fashion Show at Heritage Woods Secondary.

Heritage Woods Secondary in Port Moody, BC. is hosting their schools second annual Garbage Fashion Show, promoting sustainability, and to raise awareness of our causes. Their motto is ‘teens helping teens locally and globally’. This is an event that runs over 40 contestants involved from their entire school district, creating garments made of recyclable materials and showcasing them down the runway in front of over 400 people. They were looking for a panel of 5 prestigious judges to award the prizes to the winning designers. I was contacted by the organizer and thought it would be a great event to support and be judge of! I am excited to see the creative minds using recyclables to make fashiony things. I’ll follow up with some photo’s of my favorites and the winners of course. Good Luck to everyone tonight!


6 thoughts on “2nd Annual Garbage Fashion Show at Heritage Woods Secondary.

    • The one with the orangish news paper skirt and alluminum foil top, with a bow on the head
      please put up the photo soon =)

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