Witness my Exsistence: A documentary film by Josli Rockafella

My dear friend Josli Rockafella undertook the massive project of documenting my time after Project Runway Canada. I had taken shelter on a Gulf Island safe haven called Galiano. Reeling from the experience, dealing with anxiety of what was going to be broadcast to the nation, and my own insecurities of self, she managed to capture a very raw side of me. A side of me that was not shown on TV and even now, a side of myself that makes me tear up when I watch the video. I see myself and remember everything that I was going through; living in the bush, trying to hide my little light from the world, afraid that it would be snuffed out in a slight breeze. I felt confused, and unfit for city life. I have come along way since that winter, and seeing this movie makes me realize what a gift every experience is, as we are always growing and learning. Thank you Josli for this window into my life, at a time that I will most likely never have again.

Witness my exsistence

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