psychic bus driver

pulling up to the waves at main and cordova at 7pm like i do every monday night since last june,

i ran into a psychic.

well actually the psychic was a bus driver, and more so he ran into me.

well he didn’t actually run into me, he more so pulled the bus to a stop, opened the doors and spoke to me

while on the sidewalk.

i was on the sidewalk.

he was in the bus.

he said to me, don’t park your bike there.

i said, why not?

he said, because somebody will come along and steal it today.

i said, really?

he said, yes, trust me, somebody is going to come along and steal your bike today.

i looked at him and said, ok, thanks.


now, you see, i have been parking my bike on this same post once a week for over a year.

and although the phsycic bus driver delivered me a message, i decided that i know better.

so i parked my bike on the trusty post.

testing the universe as i do.

toying with the idea that somehow i might actually be smarter than the all knowing oneness of life.

heh. sarcastic laugh.

but it seems i really do think this.


to make a short story even shorter,

not more than an hour later a girl runs into the coffee shop flailing and waving about

looks at me and asks the crowd whose bike is parked on the post outside because it is about to get stolen.

needles to say one thing leads to another and i retrieve my bicycle unscathed

and marvelling at my utter defiance to listen to direct universal messages.

entertaining yes.

should be repeated, no.

this was one of the loudest messages the universe has given me.

and hopefully i will learn to listen sometime  in the near future.

yours truly,

she who thinks she knows best.

3 thoughts on “psychic bus driver

  1. Great lesson there Kim, glad it happened the way it did and you still got ya precious! I had to think of Ash (my man) when I read this..just recently gave him a sticker that states ‘I might be wrong, but I doubt it!’
    Love, peace and light from NZ

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