in the studio

the studio looks nice tonight complete with 3 mood light lamps, one glowing globe and a bare bulb for drama.

i’m going to be starting the spring collection tonight.

it includes so many beautiful things all unique unto themselves and organic syles.

i’ve been doing lots of rad things lately like styling for the Bay, running a party bus with clyde, dancing in the rain

listening to fleetwood, smiling with friends in dark and low basement dwellings.

always warm and always ok.

today life is good.

One thought on “in the studio

  1. Hi Kim Cathers

    I found your website through Jessie Christophersen when I was inquiring about recyling fabric. I’m a quilter doing a bit of purging in my sewing room and wanted to donate to a worthwhile organization. I usually give donations of fabric to the grandmothers to grandmothers group here on the sunshine coast but I find that they are recycling back to me. (I am part of the African Aids Angels making little African angels to raise funds) Besides fabric I also have clothes that are not worn out but having retired from teaching, I have no need for them anymore. I have already donated much of my clothes to the women’s shelter in the downtown eastside when I left Vancouver a few years ago. I am a former resident of the east side and was so impressed to read about your endeavours. I hope I can be of some help by donating a box of fabrics and some items of clothing. BUT….where would I bring them and would you be able to use them? I already emailed someone but decided to communicate with you directly as I haven’t heard from Social Fabric. ca (or is it com? ) Hoping to hear from you soon……….Miki

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