whats going on today

well this morning i woke up with swollen tonsils, hooray.. and a very tired self. well the truth is i mysteriously woke up at 5am wide awake and then forced myself back to sleep until australia called at 7. i am heading to galiano today to begin the epic adventure of designing my spring summer 2010 collection. i plan to hit up my magical arbutus patch, bell house provincial park and do some general wandering through the woods and maybe get myself lost. for the first time in a while i am feeling inspired by color, so next spring you can keep your eyes out for some really beautiful tones and contrasts. i might even change things up for fall/09 and make some color music there as well. in general things are great, i just got settled into my new home in vancouver a small but lovely fit, im working hard on getting kdon off the ground, and am feeling love as a whole. life is good. the other day i saw a man wearing a red band jacket with double breasted gold buttons, with one eye completely decorated in false lashes, wearing stilts standing next to a midget. it was glorious. my twin would have died. it was perfect. i’ll check back in from galiano as things progress. maybe
another video blog for old times sake. 🙂
el shaddai

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