Kim Cathers goes to LG Fashion Week

My my my, have I ever had the most amazing time in Toronto so far! We had the Project Runway  finally show at the  LG fashion week tents on Thursday, and of course I can’t say much about it except that it was really amazing. The next day I moved my things to Biddell’s studio and accompanied him and the entourage back to the tents for some more shows. I was adorned with a backstage pass from Carlie Wong, as mine was used for “more important people” as Biddells backstage list was very large and I was the last on it.:) So thanks Carlie and Bids for hookin me up. Wandering through the grounds I was stopped every few moments to pose for photos with fans, say hello’s, and receive feedback for being on the show. It was an amazing amazing time. I watched the Ryerson show at 5pm, and was blown away by the knit wear designer, Heidi Ackerman. At 6pm, I sat with a bunch of my PRC2 crew in the second row and took in Carlie Wong. It seemed to be a late 70’s early 80’s influence as gold hoops and gold floral fabric bounced down the runway. My favorite piece by far was the second to last gold dress. It was absolutely stunning.

At 7pm, I was reserved a seat for the Biddell show in the front row and I was stoked. Voluenteers handed out ear plugs for the loud drum and base that was to ensure and Miss Stacie opened the show in an amazing yellow ochre ensemble! There wasn’t even standing room left as fans packed the tent, crouching and sitting in every given space. The clothes were obviously inspired by the future and the bionic woman with a slight wash of the 80’s. Everything was hard and edgy with the relief point being the soft cuts, flowing dresses and embracing the curves of a woman, which no one does better than the rising star Biddell.
Biddell F/W 2009
Biddell F/W 2009
Lucian Matis’ show was after Bids and I ended up watching from the VIP room with free dirty voldka martini’s… im mean, where else would i be really?!. From what all I saw my initial reaction was .. hmmm Greta?? and thats all I’m going to say about that.

Biddells after part at Ultra started with a complementary ride from an Audi. Turns out they were doing a free shuttle service from the tents to the bar… what  great idea! We arrived at Ultra and were met with amazing food, good service and great freinds, couldn’t ask for much more really. And on another note, I could really get used to this celebrity-ness, as people still approached me to say hello and tell me what a fan they are of the show!! Terri Biddell (Evans mom) and I joined the runway show at the club and shook some serious booty! I’m sure there is photographic evidence somewhere, although I am not in a hurry to find them. HeH.

Today I went to Brian Bailey‘s studio and had a lovely lunch at the Italian restaurant downstairs. I met his very vocal but radical pooch named Mia (correct me if I’m wrong B2). It was great to bounce some ideas off him and debrief from the whole PRC2 experience.

So far I have loved this city and can’t wait for the rest of my week here! Talk soon!!

43 thoughts on “Kim Cathers goes to LG Fashion Week

  1. You must be joking me! You call Bidell fashion…I would call it Frankenstein on acid! From the hair to make up to clothing. J O K E!

  2. I learned some amazing things in my course today…

    Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do – not because they want to but because that is what it takes to win. Have the faith to carry through with your plan. Have faith and you will go places you never dreamed of going!

  3. Hi,
    Just finished watching the show, decided to Google a couple of you contestants. I have to say, I wanted to like you, but you couldn’t stop tearing down the others, and it came across really poorly. I think you would find that grace will serve you well in life. When you compliment other people you don’t diminish yourself, in the least. Oh well. I’m sure lots has changed since then. Good luck with your stuff.

  4. Ouch. You viewers do realize that the creators of these TV shows construct them to create conflict, including keeping people sleep deprived, and encourage the creation of “villains” and “heroes” in order to increase viewership, right? And that what you see of people on TV isn’t the fullness of their personalities? That Project Runway is a GAME SHOW?

    Yeesh. I’m glad I haven’t been on a show like that to have blog commenters try to eat me alive.

  5. Although what you’re saying is true to SOME degree, it’s not all completely made up through cutting and editing footage. Kim gave them plenty of material to work with. She acted in a way that was rude and hurtful to her own image more that anyone else.

    Kim I know you’re getting blasted by everyone, so I’m not going to add fuel to the fire.

  6. Well, sure. What I’m saying is that under high-pressure situations, some people get bitchy. Some don’t. The producers of PRC had the advantage of seeing how that played out over the course of their taping, and could then edit their footage to construct the story accordingly, to play up her bitchiness and make her the #1 villain.

    So yes, Kim said, “You’re all gonna die!” when everyone first met, but having later seen that she ended up being one of the “mean girls,” it was the show’s producers who decided to include it in the first episode — as foreshadowing of how her relationships with the other designers worked out over the rest of the summer. No doubt some of the other designers said some nasty stuff too, but didn’t end up in the show because it didn’t fit the characters they became.

    And look at the camping-trip episode itself: two of the previously booted designers came back because the show needed to fill in for the two who left for health reasons (including the late Danio) in the first episode. They were back because PRC needed to complete its full contracted run of shows, but the “sudden death” nature of the contest put everyone additionally on edge. Even Sunny got angry. It was a perfect assembly to make Kim the uber-villain because she ended up taking down Adejoke as well. Notice how Genevieve, previously also cast as “mean girl,” was resurrected as a comeback-kid underdog too?

    I’m not saying that Kim didn’t contribute to the villain role she developed on program, but when people come to the blog and say “you are one mean, insecure, ugly person deep down” based on a TV game show, they need to get a better sense of how unreal “reality TV” is.

  7. @ sia
    i deleted your comment and tried to email you to tell you why, but you have signed in with a false email address…
    if you would like to post rude comments, you may do so at
    this is my personal space on this blog and don’t want that type of smut here.
    especially comments that are based on a prime time televison show. 🙂
    as derek has mentioned, you would be doing yourself and others a favor to recognize that it is in fact tv.. not reality as you might currently think.
    thanks for watching the show though.
    all the best.

  8. Kim, I really liked the dress you prepared as part of YSL-inspired collection. I hope that participation in this show will bring some tangible results to you. Best of LUCK!

  9. Kim I think you’re talented and produced clothes that were very original. I can’t believe people would google your name, find your personal blog and purposely attack you. Anyway, I hope the negative comments haven’t discouraged you and that you’re continuing to design! Good luck and I’ll check back for updates. Just wondering, have you started to sell any of your clothing online or in any boutiques?

  10. Awww… I feel bad that you got booted off and had no chance for the final three. You were interestingly nasty and played your part well on the show. Glad you and Biddel know each other. Hope there’s some sort of collaboration there one day.

  11. Kim, You have to admit (if you are an adult) that you were not ‘edited’ as a witch, you came as one. You were my favorite in the beginning due to your out of the box designs, but you’re hating on everyone that recieved good comments was so “Mean Girls” and ‘Jr High”. I truly hope that you have grown from this experience. I am a mother of a 12 year old and she was so emabarrased for you that she quit watching the show! How sad is that? Please grow from this so next time you call someone…they will answer!

  12. The really sad thing is that you are still deluded enough, despite much been said to the contrary, that you are liked and so are your designs and it was not bad editing. You certainly gave them a lot to work with. I personally felt your attack on Jessica was really spiteful. Her reaction was very gracious. Thank God, there are still people with manners and good values in this world. Shame on you really.

  13. It was awsome meeting you at A Night in Shanghai last night. Julian and I checked out your website and your innovative creations caught both our attention. We have a friend that flies for a local air taxi company so we might just pop by your studio on Galiano in the near future. We both love fashion and especially when we have the privilige to support our truly talented Canadian artists.

  14. Kim I’m still laughing……thanks for all the entertainment……to know you in the flesh is to love you……..and to laugh with you is dangerous at my age!!!!!!!

    I want that coat with the front ruffle or that little blue dress. Truly stunning work.


  15. I actually kind of like your dresses & taste no matter what other people trying to badmouth at you. I totally agree some winning designs in previous episodes are just hedious, maybe people are having some “special” taste.. Anyway keep up the good work & you really need to work super super hard on the tailorship which is (no offense here) rather basic to make things up to the next big level. Good luck & support you!!


  16. kim you are a truly unique soul and have such a voice in your style. Sad to see you leave the show, loved your clothes…they were like stories! Ignore the critics, you have something amazing in YOU. can’t wait to see where it takes you.

  17. Hi Kim

    I’ve been watching PRC for some while – haven’t seen the finale yet (note the spelling of finale).

    I’m surprized that someone who is obviously smart, as you are, allowed yourself to show your true colors so clearly on TV.

    Good luck working for yourself (and I mean good luck) as your chances of being hired by someone else seem as limited as your design creativity at this point.

    Even though I haven’t reached the finale yet, I know there’s no way you’d have won – did you ??

  18. Kim! I miss you! I hope you had a fantastic time in Toronto. Will you be able to come to Kelowna and see me soon? You can stay in our guest room!!

    Kendra xo

  19. keep doing what you’re doing because you’re good at it. don’t let other people tear you down, they are just armchair critics.
    one advice is that stop looking at other people’s work and focus more on yours- i’m not sure if it’s just the editing that made it look like that or not though.
    I really wish you the best of luck in your future because it’s clearly what you want to do and what you’re good at.

  20. kim,
    I hope you get inspired and FOCUSED enough to keep designing. I do realize that tv is tv, but tv uses material we give it. If you stay focused on your designs you will do very well. especially if you design garments such as the YSL challenge and the little summer dress. well constructed, simple but unique (YSL one).

  21. @Jody What I meant is that Genevieve was *portrayed* as a comeback kid in the camping episode. What I thought about that didn’t enter into it.

    My larger point is that we shouldn’t judge people’s characters based *entirely* on what we see of them on a game show, positive or negative. Of course some aspect of everyone’s real personality comes through. In real life, I expect that Sunny really isn’t very confrontational most of the time, and that Jessica really does talk in hip-hop slang, and so on. I know that Kim has a pretty sharp tongue too. So does one of my best friends, whom I’ve known for over 25 years. He might not come across very well in a high-pressure TV show environment either.

  22. You should never feel ashamed of who you are. When we fall it gives us a chance to get up again. This is how we grow. Out of all confusion comes order. The greater the crisis, the greater the opportunity for growth. Personal growth starts when you start to believe in yourself.

    Success is getting up every day and doing the best you can. Leaders take responsibility for themselves and for their actions. When you work in harmony with others it is amazing what you can accomplish.

    Nobody knows or can guess what you are capable of doing. You can do whatever you dream up. Nothing happens until you believe in yourself.

    Bob Proctor says that once you start believing in yourself you will alter the vibration you are in and start living in harmony. Our thoughts produce the results in our life. He says “If we all did things we are really capable of doing, we would astonish ourselves.”

  23. i did not feel ashamed of my self @kandy. and if you really wanted to know how i felt and if you were sincere, you might have asked me in a differnet way.
    dontcha think? 🙂
    i couldnt be more in agreement with your latest comment.. it is truly profound and if people can grasp the concept and live it.. you have succeeded in the first part of this life!
    its a self created reality man and once you get into it.. the world will open her arms to you.

  24. Kudos to you Kim for your apology to Jessica in the last episode. We do not always get to see a playback of what our actions are. You are lucky to have had the chance and taken steps to do something about it. Hard lessons, especially with a whole country watching you, but you have taken things in stride and have and grown.

    You are a talented girl, best of luck in all your endeavours. Have faith and trust in your destiny.

  25. I’ll admit that the first time I saw you call out Jeff on his bridal suit I was a bit blown away.. but given the stress of the competition, along with everyone’s personal bubble of experience, it’s easy to have pretty black and white opinions.

    I like your site. COOOOL 🙂

  26. Still watching the show on our 10″ computer moniter..ha ha, still no cable. Its the only show that I watch, its like Sarah’s time out. We were in Fernie on Wednesday eating at El Guapo, and Telle was all excited telling us you were back, so I had to watch!
    Anyway Kim, take care and know that your loved more than you can grasp. You know what Im talking about,
    Happy Easter,

  27. Damn, just finished the show here in Melbourne, Australia. We were gunning for you from the get go. Sunny was a humble winner with a beautiful collection no doubt, but Kim – You’re a star!

  28. Kim-
    I just read through your comments and am sad that people found your blog just to hate on you. I found it because I liked you and your designs so much! I hope you keep designing and selling-you can do it!

  29. Lucian = Greta??? really you need to learn more about your Canadian designers besides your friends.
    Also I appreciate Bidell’s work but really he needs a change so i don’t think he is a one trick pony.

  30. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this brilliant
    blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed
    to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group.
    Chat soon!

  31. Anyone who has ever watched project runway knows what a self centered toxic bitch you are. And no I do not believe the producers of the show tried to make you appear that way, you did that all by yourself. You even stabbed your so called buddy Genevieve in the back. Of course she was your buddy because you are a lot alike. You kept saying you were sick of how Sunny was continually winning and you did not understand how. It was because he was the best and you were not. At one point you implied that you worked hard to get where you were instead of using your looks which I take it to mean you think you are beautiful. You come across as extremely ugly because of all the hatefullness you spew out to those around you. You were crying that you didn’t have a house and fancy career to go back to as if the people who had worked so hard to achieve those things did not deserve it. You did not have it because of you not anyone else. Time to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled ten year old. I am soooooooooooo happy for Sunny Fong. He’s awesome, talented and sweet. Of course feel free to delete my comment as I really don’t care if anyone else reads it.

    • Kim is one of the brightest lights and hardest workers in one of the toughest and unrelenting industries. Not to mention a humanitarian and true animal lover. A deep and expansive heart was given to her to deal with the dangers people like to pose. The internet is an easy place to hide. You are a troll, and your actions are hateful. If you we’re standing in front of her would you say these things? Let’s all keep the light shining people….we all deserve better than poor behaviour on the internet.

  32. Ann that was amazing. When did they release this season on beta max? Or is it that this took you six years to think up, save up for a laptop then figure out how to post a comment.

    Kim is a wonderful person that I have had the pleasure of knowing in my real life. We are all entitled to our opinions and I will not share my opinion of you as it would not be fair to make an opinion without having all the information.

    Xoxo Kdon

  33. Kim Cathers is the sweetest thing! She’s wonderful, talented and super creative. And even if your self entitled opinion had merit . . it’s been SIX YEARS. People move on. Kim on Project Runway is no where near the person I have worked with, created with and who has put my name and creative business forward to get involved with charity projects she is also invovled with. Through Kim’s generosity and spirit, I have been introduced to a whole world of creative and caring people. Kim…you just be you. Those of us that know and love you will continue to do so. Not everything you see on television is “reality”. You be you in the real world.

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