The not so perfect, perfect working plan.

and new hights

Today I arrived at my new home on Galiano Island. I had to take the late ferry due to a number of unforeseen events that delayed my perfect working plan. Of course this perfect working plan had no time allotted for unseen mishaps and events, therefore not so perfect as I had once thought.

In the beginning of every ones life they are born a tiny infant, and rely on other people to feed them, clothe, them, wipe their asses and so forth. The same can be said at the end of our lives, as we grow into a geriatric state, we require the same assistance. Oddly enough I am neither an infant or an ailing geriatric person, but for the last few months have found myself in need of those around me… seemingly unable to do the things i need without a very tight support system. It is this collection of people that have single, or multiplehandedly brought me to this place today. Being an independent person for the better part of my life, moving out at 17, starting businesses, and not leaning on others for things I can provide myself, this has been especially challenging.

Because I had a store, and because it closed, and because I didn’t fight the landlord on mold issues I was left with debt. Because my dad died, my mom bought me a car, but because I had store debt I sold the car. But because I put the money in a bank account, the same bank that held my store debt, the bank took all my money. Because the bank took my money, I had none left. Because I had no money left I was unable to sort out my credit, and therefore have no ability to have a credit card. I get around it by having a prepaid credit card. But because I was moving to Galiano Island with a large sewing machine I needed to rent a truck. And did you know that car rental places don’t accept pre-paid credit cards? Yeah, me neither.


After staying with a friend for a couple weeks in her studio loft apartment, I had to call another friend to ask if she could rent me the truck with her credit card. She agreed, and drove me to the pick up location. After renting the vehicle the man told me that my license was expired and I would not be able to drive it. My credit card friend had to go home and take her kids to school, so I called in another friend. I asked my biking buddy if he would come to the van place and agree to be the driver of the van.. essentially agreeing to take me all the way to Galiano. He agreed and came riding up at right away.

The week previous I divided up my stuff between the studio loft friend and my gastown friend. They so kindly are storing my things in their storage spaces for me. So my bike friend and I went around and gathered the Galiano items. At this point it is already past the ferry time and the truth sets in that my perfect working plan has failed me.

I take my biking friend for breakfast as a small token of my appreciation, and kill the day fixing my bike, getting a drivers license, then head out to the ferry for 7pm

After navigating the dark street to the house we pull up and I just start taking it all in.

The house.

The house is….. well I have no words. Its made of glass, its spacious and cozy at the same time, its modern with the right amount of rustic charm. It s breathtaking and marvelous and I had no idea that it was going to be this wonderful. Its on the beach…there are seals, and jelly fish, deer, and birds basically in the yard… if you count the ocean as part of the yard, which I do. unfamiliar

I am grateful for my glass house friend who has agreed to let me stay here this winter. My glass house friend is a believer in talent, in youth, and in sharing what you have to those that it well benefit. My glass house friend is becoming one of my favorite people. Not just because of their generosity but because of glass’s attitude, perspective outlook on life. It’s not often you meet someone like glass.brings

Day one started with a hitch, well ,many actually, but what good adventure doesn’t

Let this be the official shout out to all those who have been in my support network over the last months. There are so many of you that haven’t gotten mention here, so allow me to just list ya’ll. Island friend, yoga friend, bute friend, cliff friend, downttown friend, tinytown friend, bleeblah friend, postitnote friend, mommy friend and more, i know there are… Without you literally none of this will would have been possible. And this winter is going to change my life, and you have yourselves to thank for that.

This place is off the hook,I am in love with quietness for now ……. and I also start my new job soon which should be very intersting.

Til next time.



7 thoughts on “The not so perfect, perfect working plan.

  1. Congratulations on making it to the island. It’s going to be interesting to see how you feel about returning to the mainland after this process is complete. Some people can’t wait to get back, others can’t imaging leaving.

    The view through the glass out to the water is beautiful. Say hi to the whales for us!

  2. Kim,

    You should join the ambulance service while you’re here. And volunteer for the food programme (sustainable living through food activities). And check out the play at the south hall this week.

    OH… and especially sign up to help process the 1-tonne of herring that will show up for the food programme some time soon.


  3. Just read your blof and, Wowsers! Things such as this always remind me that the journey is (always) the reward…amazing times kdon and future looks bright, future looks very bright! ;P

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