Off to the Island, Galiano that is. For some inspiration and world of design.

In every ones life on a number of occasions the stars align, doors are opened and prayers are answered. And sometimes, on rarer occasions all of the above happen at the same time. This is what is has just happened for me. I have been given the opportunity to live on Galiano Island for the winter in the most beautiful home, to have this time to dive into my designs, dig deep into the creative side and sew.

I will be working a few days at the local coffee shop called Grand Central and all my other time will be spent creating, drawing, writing, sewing and being secluded in the woods with my dog. I will be blogging my experience as a type of experiment. For those people interested in the process behind the art, what a person goes through to make a beautiful collection, and how an artist fares in the woods alone you should tune in over the next months.

This marks the start of journey. A journey of facing fears, a journey of expression, a journey of going inside and a discovery of self that manifests itself as an enchanting collection of clothes.


photo by kris krug

One thought on “Off to the Island, Galiano that is. For some inspiration and world of design.

  1. Kim, What you are doing is so inspiring! I’m reading a really great book, which you’ve probably heard of; “Eat, Pray, Love” and she did what you’re sorta doing. Its a great soul searching time. I wish my lifestyle allowed for me to just get away!
    Another book you might be interested in reading while you’re there is called ” The Artists Way.” I haven’t read it but its on my list, a few friends of mine have and its about honing in on your inner creativity. It involves journalling and letting out your creativity the best way you know how. Anyways, I just thought what you’re doing is great and I wanted to encourage you!

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