Virtual birthday cakes and thank you notes.


All growing up my mother had forced me to write thank you cards for gifts or money, that I had received from family and friends. I never really understood why the crap I had to write them, and in fact, once I got a thank you card for my thank you card that I had sent. It was mind blowing, and I got scared that I would have to send one back and the cycle would continue until that person had died, which frankly seemed like they never would and therefore I would be stuck writing thank you note for thank you note until the last hours of my life.

I haven’t lived in my hometown of Sherwood Park in over 10 years, and its been that long since I ‘ve communicated with most high school friends. Until Facebook that is. Facebook, as we all know has revolutionized the way we keep in touch with each other,and re-unite with people. Over the last 6 months or so, I have reconnected with countless people from my high school and former life in Edmonton, its been great all around so hats off to facebook.

About a month ago, after scouring the friends lists of my new-old high school pals, I came across a buddy that I hadn’t connected with, and thanks to facebook I noticed it was his birthday. A while earlier I had loaded $10 of facebook gifts onto my credit card so I could send people little virtual treasures. I decided it would be so sweet of me to send this person a facebook cake.

With the a little flick here, some clicking there whala! I had sent this old pal a facebook birthday cake complete with a cute note and a smiley face :).

To be honest I expected he would mention it. Say something. Anything really. It’s not like we were enemies 10 years ago or something, we were actually friends. After no word from him I eventually forgot about it until the other day.

Out of the blue a few days ago I suddenly remembered the cake I had sent. I instantly got a little miffed as I thought, well sheesh I sent him a $1 virtual cake and not even a thank you note, or mention that he got it. And as soon as the thought crossed my mind I think I laughed out loud by myself!

So the question remains, what warrants a thank you card? or a thank you note these days, as I assume most people also send text through the internet rather than writing a card. Either way.. card, note whatever…. I felt like I had gone out of my way to send him a cake. Perhaps it would have been a better gesture to actually make him a cake, but lets get serious who has time for that.

So I am left, chuckling to myself over a cake that doesn’t exist and a card that will never come. I’m starting to think I should find a hobby…..


thank you


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