Rockin’ Out With Renewed Authority – The NEW Discollection

the backroom actualy got emptied... i know, its tough to believeBags were stuffed, the back room was miraculously cleared out, the studio emptied and a huge truckload of left over clothing and odds and ends were donated to the SPCA thrift shop. Its true, after one year of having a beautiful retail store front looking onto the street of West Hastings, it is over.

I spent many hours cleaning up, walking through the store from front to back, playing Sigur Ros so loud that the speakers almost blew, thinking of all the wonderful times that had been shared at discollection. I must admit, I shed my fair share of tears realizing that this phase is over… the emotional music of course didn’t help all that much in keeping dry eyes. :P\

best shoes of lifeWhen the last day arrived and i handed the keys back to my landlord, locked the padlocks on the front gate for the final time, knowing that this was the end of an era, I felt nostalgia of course, but more importantly, a renewed sense of adventure and excitement.

From the design concept to the display ideas to the customer service and goal of being meeting place for friends, discollection was a dream, an art installation, a community based store and a happy place for the cats in and around Gastown.

These are the characteristics that will define the future direction of Discollection and my work as I move into my kdon line.

frontThis little corner of the web will become a place for buying cool stuff, connect with other people and friends, and a place to read about whats hip and hawt. I encourage everyone to leave comments, ask questions and whatever else you would like to say. criticism is also welcome.. just be nice ok? 🙂

With the grand wide world at your doorstep and no certain direction to take, this can seem overwhelming and make you feel but a small speck in the universe. I have chosen to take the opposite approach, and would encourage all whom are in a similar place to do the same.We have choice, freedom, and authority over our future.. it is up to us to take charge of the strings that make up life and start tying knots to build a net which will become our future. Our direction, and our creation.

Yeah, yeah.. this sounds like a typical motivational speaker, someone you think is cheesy and irritating, so if this is happening, just read on.


It is at this turning point that my energy and drive will propel the kdon line into the next phase of its existence, and hopefully things that i cannot imagine.

6 thoughts on “Rockin’ Out With Renewed Authority – The NEW Discollection

  1. Wow! That is way way cool to hear. Beck and I stopped in the weekend of the last, final days. Super great to hear that this won’t be the last we hear of your endeavors. I’m sure things are going to be good no matter what.

  2. Hey Kim! Wish you could have been at the shoot on Saturday! We’ll have to do something again soon! I got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday and aside from the swollen cheeks i’m loving my temporary angelina jolie-esk lips! haha talk to you soooon!

  3. Hallo Kim,
    I send you lots of hugs and kisses from Europe….closing ONE door means opening ANOTHER one…the end of something is always a new beginning! And as you are the strongest and most beautiful soul, you can do whatever you wanna do!
    Love ya and see ya soon

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