Four days left of shopping madness!

shoppers at the bag sale! weeeeeee


We have hit the middle of the bag sale extravaganza.. FOUR DAYS GONE AND FOUR TO GO!.


Bags have been stuffed, and people have been going crazy snatching up all kinds of treasures at Discollection. So far the sale has been awsome, and there is more good news.


There are still more clothes to come out of the back room, and this weekend we are reducing the price of the large bag to only $40!!!


OH MY! šŸ™‚


Its been amazing really, we are finding all kinds of cool things in the back that we didn’t even know we had. So if you haven’t had a chance to come down yet and fill a bag, don’t fret… you haven’t missed out.


All winter, and leather coats are being sold separately for only $15 because they don’t squish up into the bags very well. And we still have retail supplies for sale, here is a little list.


* spot lights and light bulbs


* mannequins/bust forms with stainless steel bases


* dark wooden hangers for $0.50/hanger.. including suit and pant hangers.


* clothing racks


* wall display units


* jewelry display units


* receipt books


* tagging guns with barbs


* furniture


* one antique table saw table that is perfect for displaying jewelry, or to be used in a home as a kitchen island… this table is magnificent


* large piece of glass


* mirrors


* cordless phone


* and so many other odds and ends of things

Thus far we have been having fun fun fun.. i hope you get a chance to come and partake in this crazy sale and fill you closet with wonderful treasures.

This weekend will also be your last chance to come and say farewell to the little shop on Hastings that has been a meeting place for friends, a place for making new friends, the house of art shows, fashion shows and parties and a club house for all the cool cats in gastown… it will be missed.


bag sale at discollection

2 thoughts on “Four days left of shopping madness!

  1. *wipes back a tear*

    i’m interested in the mirrors glass and furniture…

    it’s been awesome kdisco. i can’t wait to see what you get up to next.

    so say we all.

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