These times they are a changing


top photo by justin close bottom photo by kris krug


Due to a number of problems in the building that Discollection is housed in, Discollection is forced to close its doors.


April 30th, 2007, sadly, will be the last shopping day at our beloved little shop. Discollection will remain an online shopping place for a few of our best selling items such as fairy hats, kdon clothing and accessories, as well as a handful of select jewelry designers. This is a sad time for me, but also it is a chance to pursue other endeavors which include more kdon designs.. and yes, joining the work force. πŸ™‚


What does this news mean for you my treasured customers and friends? Simply put.. you will be able to take part in the biggest sale ever in the history of any vintage store (not proven, but it sounds fantastic πŸ™‚ ).. and its possibly true.


MONADY APRIL23RD at 12pm we will be starting a week long ” fill a bag” sale, so for all of you that missed out the last time around this will be your chance to fill your bags, fill your boots, and fill your closets…. and the best news is, the bags are bigger and cheaper because everything really must go… and I want all of you to have it. I will be bringing out new items everyday of the sale and clearing out my back room which is stacked with vintage beauties.. 50″s bathing suits, dresses, shoes, boots, sandals, summer tops, shorts and on it goes…


For those who have stores of your own this will be an excellent opportunity to buy all fixtures, display racks, hangers, tagging guns and many many many other retail supplies.


Also for sale will be mounds of vintage fabric, an industrial sewing machine, and other items needed in a sewing studio.


With the end of Discollection in sight, I want to send a big thank you out to all those who have been supportive; by becoming customers and friends, my employees who work so hard, all the webbie friends who I have met through Kris Krug who have blogged and linked to me, all the visitors that poke their heads in on lunch breaks to say hi, and of course all the people who come to say hi to chello.

This has been the most amazing, wonderful opportunity of a lifetime and I am eternally grateful.


Here are some favorite Discollection memories.

granniesblowphishcbc is coming to discollection today!its true, i donightmare townkdon hats and vintgae coats at discollectionkrug and the ladiesdiscollection tablemel and kdonsewing machienelolitagroup photo!!

8 thoughts on “These times they are a changing

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this! I’ve been reading you ever since I found out about you via Kris. We’ve never met, but your passion and brilliance come through loud and clear on this blog (and through Kris’s photos). Those are things that prevail in the end, whatever setbacks hit along the way.

    Your designs are amazing (got anything in a sports coat, men’s 38? :-> ), and I’ll look forward to finding out about (and linking to!) your next great venture.

  2. sorry to hear about this kim! i am sad i was never able to see the store or find any treasures! maybe you can save me some really small thing that wouldn’t fit any other grown woman. πŸ™‚
    miss you….

  3. Dear Kim…all I can say is that
    everything happens for a reason! Ja right…JA..I guess that all is meant to be so all will be good.
    Eventhough it feels really weird to see DISCO go…I loved my time at DISCOLLECTION and it will always live in my heart. Thank you for this!

    I admire you, your designs and your amazing sense for style and business. YOU ROCK…so just ROCK ON! Love ya!
    Say hello to Chris, Chello and Lauren…greets from COLOGNE!

    with one laughing and one crying eye (looking at those pics..good old times! :-/)

  4. sorry to hear that Kim, it’s hard to let a business go.

    but the upside is you still have people who want to buy your designs ie suicide girls, all the media and blogosphere coverage you got etc so maybe it’s a matter of reflecting and refocusing and repositioning to create something new.

    Maybe more focus on your original designs. Maybe something else.

    best of luck

  5. Hi Kim,

    I am looking forward to hearing of your new adventures and the unprecedented success of your online sales, fashion shows, runways, etc.

    Miss you and wish we could talk,

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