one year anniversary – customer appreciation sale saturday, march 3rd!!

DiscollectionHello Internets!!

Ah! It’s been so long i know.. I have much to blog and update about including my experiences with herbal essences, new designs, photo-shoots, and so much more.

Today though, my friends I want to tell you about the best sale of the year. Since the on year anniversary for Discollection is only days away, and I wouldn’t sill be here without my loyal customers.. I want to show my love for you all by giving you all a killer deal.


Come to Discollection this Saturday at 12pm and be ready to shop till you drop. We are offering four sizes of bags ranging in price from $20 – $175.. You get to fill the bag with as much stuff as you can squish in.. so be creative, get rolling, folding and practice packing, so on Saturday you can get the best bargin in town.

The sale includes all vintage clothes, accessories, shoes, boots…

I will give you a little piece of advice for scoreing the most stuff….. shhh, this is just between me and you 🙂

Get your friend, and share a large bag, you can fit more than double the stuff in it than the next size down and its less than double the price. (wow)

By getting rid of tonnes of inventory, the store will be restocked with fresh things for the spring and summer…. which will be equally as exciting.

I hope to see you all down here this weekend.

big sale at discollection

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