“living vancouver” filmed at discollection today

Thanks to my friend Bill MacEwan who owns Workspace, a cool office place in gastown, CBC ended up at my shop filming as episode of Living Vancouver today. Here’s how the story goes according to Corina Taylor.. the segment producer of the show..

CBC did a segment at Workspace, Corina met Bill, Bill told her about “cool blogging people to check out” including and Kris Krug and Darren Barefoot. Corina ended up at someones blog, “began clicking around and found herself here, at discollection.ca reading about a “bag-sale” for the one year anniversary.”She really had no idea how she found me she said, but was pleasantly surprised when she stumbled upon the store and learned about all the sewing and designing we do here.

So the story continues with a few phone calls between Corina and I, and thus…

This morning the camera man, some friends of mine Heather the founder of “parts” and Jordan, an aspiring designer, myself representing my kdon line and discollection, and Corina Taylor played dress up. We tried clothes on, I talked about my re-worked vintage, kdon designs, demonstrated some sewing and had a blast. So thank you CBC for recognizing my shop and coming to shoot Living Vancouver here…

Can’t wait to see the episode which airs in September.

cbc was here today

peeps from left to right.. heather, jordan, corina, kim.

fun times with photobooth!!

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