Nifty for Fifty this weekend!

I can hardly believe another year has gone by so quickly and its time to dust off the clothing racks and pack into the Heritage Hall on Main and 14th for the 6th Annual Nifty for Fifty sale! This is one of my favourite events of the year, as for me it marks the true beginning of Spring! It is also a wonderful chance to A) clean the studio closets B) offer the public a chance to purchase kdon at seriously low prices  (everything at the market has be to priced under $50) and C) get a chance to hang with all my designer friends, after we’ve been hibernating all winter! I encourage you to join us;


April 6 from 11-8pm. Heritage Hall at Main and 14th

I will have my new collection of deer leather necklaces with me as well as past 68lb challenge items, and other season collection treats! For me I always feel like the new year starts in Spring… so lets ring it with a fabulous SALE!


See you soon!

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