Eco Fashion Week Is Quickly Approaching.

It’s hard to believe that another 68lb challenge is about to hit the runway again but its true! I have been visiting the local Value Village‘s morning maintenance procedures and bringing home loads and loads of mens suits and sweaters. This season’s collection will be made soley out of these items. Last year I didn’t have any restrictions on what I used to create the S/S 2013 collection, but I decided to kick it up a notch and make it a little more challenging. (as though creating 30 separate runway looks in less than 5 weeks isn’t tough enough!!!)

I am really excited about what I am making in the studio right now, and can hardly wait to showcase it at Eco Fashion Week April 22nd – at 8:30!!

Each ticket to the show gives you a free pass to an exclusive after party at UVA wine bar. The party is private from 10pm -midnight with complimentary food and drinks provided by Cibo so we can celebrate the awesomeness that is Eco Fashion Week and all of our hard work!!

I am looking forward to this night and I hope you can make it down to see what I’ve been able to create over the past weeks! aleishajones_041.jpg

One Love!



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