nUMANA. F/W kdon by kim cathers line hits the runway Sept 26th at Fraiche.

Over the last many months I have been on an exploration of self, design and of purpose. As many of you know, the collections I create usually directly reflect what is happening in my life during its production. As I grow and learn the pieces often grow and change as well.
Making clothes is not just something that I have chosen for a career, it is literally something that is just in me – for better or for worse! 🙂
This past year I went on tour with Micheal Buble, I moved apartments ( again ), and I literally purged all of my belongings and started back from tour
with a very serious CLEAN SLATE.
Out of this clean slate I have developed the mantra – BEAUTIFUL, INTENTIONAL and USEFUL.
Everything from selecting food, home furnishings, the company I keep, the objects around me, the things in my cupboards right down to the tools I have – everything must be
beautiful, intentional and useful.
This collection was named nUMANA based on the myth about a Picenis Queen.
Numana was anciently known with the name of Humana. The legend tells that the mythological founder of the city was this Picenis Queen, a giant figure of a woman with half of the body in the shape of a snake and with wide wings on her back. The Queen threw fire balls on the seaside burning down a wood and on those cinders raised up the city of Humana (meaning human in Latin).
In many ways I feel that I have thrown fire balls upon my own life, burning down old ways that have proven un-useful, un-beautiful and
actions without intention… I feel that out of this fire I have become a better human.
More grown up if you will.
A Pheonix of sorts.
This collection is also just that.
Beautiful. grown up. useful. thought out. put together. able to be worn. creative. inclusive. and comes in a full range of regular human sizes.
I am cordially inviting you to come enjoy the exclusive launch of nUMANA at the breathtaking Fraicherestaurant in West Vancouver. Come take in the panoramic view of Vancouver, sip cocktails, savour seasonally inspired delicacies by Michelin trained chef Jefferson Alveraz, enjoy a fashion show and trunk sale. It will be an evening of celebrating people, creativity and each other. Terri Potratz of Larry, and Mindan Gunther-Moore of Mindans designs will be showing their wears along side nUMANA.
The evening starts at 7pm and commences at 10pm.
Tickets include drinks, food, and transportation to and from the venue. 
It would mean alot to me to have you in attendance.
for ticket info 
facebook page
a little more info
Thank you for your continued support of my art, which indeed is my life.
I hope to see you next week.

in rome with buble, holly, alan, chris and susan.

a train, but there were planes, autos and more. travelling through europe with buble, feeling nostalgic.

home from the road. feeling half of myself. embracing the clean slate from which nUMANA was created.

valentines balloons to myself. the work has begun.

a sign of things to come

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