The collection

The collection I call it. This extension of myself into materials. The shapes and textures dance out of my hands and land themselves before me. They land into the fabric, wrapping around the bust form, hugging, draping, toying, demanding, pulling and resting gracefully. There is a battle going on.

A battle of self. A battle of the mind. I have spent endless hours in this studio hammering out the possibilities that I may be mad. Simply mad. A goner. A nut. A loose canon. I have toiled and turned and troubled through the darkness within, the darkness outside.

The divide between sane and insane – how large is that moat? Which side do I live on? Am I really here at all? Thoughts of places unknown, an imagination made of magic I often sit and drift far far away.

Through this battle of mind vs self I have created a collection of clothes. It is literally an extension of self. With dark shapes billowing, lined with contrasting color, or lack thereof.. the whole collection speaks of the divide of mind, the expression of fluid thought and creativity, and the ever present mental gravity that drops us back to the crusty earth.

The clothes are my poetry, they are my art, they are my medium for explaining my existence.

I have not yet named this particular collection. It is FW 2011. There is a shirt named killer. A dress named 11. A skirt named other. A coat named thing. A shirt named blister.

I describe this collection, which essentially explains my most recent journey as, dark, dirty, troubled, divided, angular, falling, battling, confident, feminine, fearless, prepared, this collection is, therefore i am. an integral function of the universe.

I will be debuting this collection at Eco Fashion Week on Feb 23rd. I invite you to attend.


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