2011 is on its way and things at kdon are just starting to heat up!

After an amazing year of learning, designing, sewing, and growing.. I am happy to say that kdon is becoming the brand I have always wanted. With successful Portobello and One of A Kind markets, we are moving into an exciting next season.I’m sure there there will be many more milestones and kinks to work out, but things are shaping up beautifully for 2011. The spring line will be ready to be released by mid January, and Fall 2011 will be soon after that!

One new development that I am excited about is selling kdon online. For now I have set up an ebay item from there we are hoping to get the online profile rocking! So keep your eyes peeled for more places to score good kdon deals online.

Buy kdon here

Below are some photos by the very talented Raeanne Schacter of the Christmas party we had at Haiku Studios on December 3rd.



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