A sneak peak of the kdon F/W 2010 Noir collection.

Imagine yourself, its dark and the only light is the phosphorescence in the ocean near by. The salty sea breeze is tickling your nose and you can sense the presence of your Pegasus. A giant black stallion with wings of magical feathers, waits for your call. With a slight… nod you beckon the beast and you mount its back. Gripping tightly with your legs, you and the stallion fly silently through the night sky, gaining speed and momentum to cross into the next dimension. You are connected as one, and have become the night flier. You inhale to the top of your lungs, receiving all the air has to offer, the Pegasus is now full-out at top speed across the sky. The wind is deafening, the air, thin and brittle, the vast horizon is now a blanket of darkness.. and in your heart of hearts you know you have arrived.
Welcome to Noir.
Photography – Leigh Righton of Mad Mannequin
Make Up – Dana Allan
Model – Stasia Arraway
Clothing – kdon
Stylist – Kim Cathers
More photos to come over the next while.

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