Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

It’s usually the same, the seasons I mean. Ever changing from one to the next and if you happen to blink you may end up missing one.  As slow as time is sometimes, other times it is literally a blink of an eye. When I think back to when I moved to Vancouver 6 years ago now, it seems like just yesterday that I was nervously waiting in line at fashion school to get my ID card. Since then I have launched a retail store, rebranded and launched my clothing line kdon, was a contestant on Project Runway Canada, started a textile recycling initiative called Our Social Fabric with kindred spirit Leandre Malcon, became involved in Eco Fashion week, and have been supporting myself solely by making beautiful things. I am truly living the dream I had manifested, and now can hardly wait to see the next part. Big thanks to the universe in all its glory.

One love.


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