grace gallery this wednesday, come support local artists and causes

This holiday season the people at grace gallery wanted to celebrate with their  friends and family, here is your invite.
For all you’ve done for them they’d like to invite you to:

When: December 16th @ grace-gallery
7pm – 11pm
Where: grace-gallery
1898 Main St. Vancouver

THE ART OF GIVING is about support and celebration. Featuring some of Vancouver’s top artists who’ve graciously agreed to sell for a price point of $400 or less in our first ever Cash & Carry original artwork sale with all proceeds going to support

Our Social Fabric: A socially responsible non-profit organization in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, specializing in textile collection, recycling & re-manufacturing, while providing employment & social reintegration opportunities for DTES residents.
Fall in love with a piece… Take it home that night!

Featuring Work by:
Raif Adelberg, Ronan Boyle , Bienvenido Cruz, Andy Dixon, Michael Doehle, Christopher Fadden, Angela Fama, Shallom Johnson, Kris Krug, Malcolm Levy, Bobby Mathieson, Chad Murray, Neal Nolan, Terri Potratz, Stacy Sakai, Philippe Sokazo

With Food Generously Sponsored by Nuba Lebanese Cuisine
Inspired by independent and modern era of Beirut in the 1940’s. Nuba has brought innovative Lebanese cuisine right into the palate of Vancouver. While taking time to create an undeniably exquisite experience to the taste-buds, Nuba manages to maintain the simplicity of their menu & commitment to value. While graciously providing the food for The Art of Giving , Nuba is also eagerly anticipating the opening of their South Main Street location at 146 E. 3rd Ave. Our new neighbours Yay!!!

With Drinks Generously Sponsored by Absolut Vodka & Jameson Irish Whisky
ABSOLUT® Vodka is the third-largest international spirits brand in the world & Jameson Whisky is the worlds number one whisky. ABSOLUT® is celebrating everything unique about Vancouver, reaching out to those cultural touchstones within Greater Vancouver whose passion, vision and body of work have helped to define Vancouver as a home for the arts.

Please RSVP to

We’re asking people to bring their old scarves with them to the event to donate to those in need.

More about Our Social Fabric
Textiles are one the most common household items and represent a staggering proportion of the solid waste stream: approximately 16kg per person, or a total of 33,600 tonnes in Metro Vancouver in 2006, to give you an idea. Despite the volume of this waste, few options exist to reuse or recycle salvageable textile items – and next to none for those items that can not be resold. As a result, these textiles end their still-functional lives in the landfill or waste-to-energy incinerator.
Our Social Fabric believes that this unnecessary waste can be not only be avoided, but channeled to create positive change in Vancouver’s most impoverished neighborhood. Aside from the obvious benefits of reducing the waste we are diverting to landfills and waste-to-energy facilities, textile recycling can have a direct impact on the socio-economic viability of the downtown east side. Jobs are needed now, and OSF goal is to recycle donated and salvaged textiles into new products, from clothing to utility products.
This unique venture not only benefits the environment but the economy and all citizens of our community. Learn more at

Special Thank you to
Dani Vachon
Mark Gunthrek
Ryan Lanji

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