kdon shows again at lady gaga event in vancouver, thanks to our social fabric.

i have come to be involved in an initiative called our social fabric. it is essentially a textile recycling initiative that involves recycling textiles in vancouver and the surrounding area and provides jobs to those living in the downtown east side. it was founded by a man named leandre , and you can see more about this amazing program by clicking on the links below. we are facing many challenges as the program is in its early stages and needs all the support the community has to offer. currently we are in search of a space to house our donations and get started with the reproduction of these items. we are looking for a warehouse type space in the downtown east side.

the kdon fall winter 09 line samples were all made from fabric from a OSF donation, and as a business i have committed to giving %10 of all sales to the organization.  i will be showing this collection for its 2nd time on november 5th at the red room. details here. this is all for now, once i shoot the collection with photographer justin tyler close i will post amazing pictures of what recycling looks like in my eyes.

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