Epic clothing sale at the Grace Gallery. July 25, 2009

OK! My two lovely friends Terri (of The Conveyor Belt) and Victoria Potter (of Demicouture) are  presenting a truly epic clothing sale on July 25th. The sale will be comprised of kdon items, their clothes, plus pieces from our friends and perhaps you! They will be accepting clothing from anyone who wishes to have it sold at the Grace Gallery (Main + 3rd) on the day of the sale. Naturally, the earlier you drop off the clothing, the more eyes will see it. They take off 25% of the selling price as our fee, and you will collect the rest of the money and any unsold garments at the end of the day.  Victoria Potter will be highlighting her personal stash of epic threads every so often on demiCouture ’till the 25th, so you know some of the awesomeness to expect. All prices are extremely reasonable, clothing is in immaculate condition and will be an extreme steal. This sale won’t be featuring only vintage, there will be genuine name brand items as well. Brand highlights: Coach bags, Michael Kors bags, Selfridges dresses (from the UK), Habitual (denim), Diesel (denim and clothing), Marc Jacobs (denim), J Brand (denim), Earnest Sewn (denim), Lux (denim), D&G (belt), Alice + Olivia for Payless (boots), plus loads more. Vintage highlights: Proper fitting leather jackets varying in design/colors, blazers, unisex brogues, unisex boots, sweaters, cardigans, sequin dresses, sequin shirts, t-shirts and a [nearly literal] tonne more. The sale will start at 11AM on Saturday July 25th, 2009. The windows will be covered, but they will be inside and open for business! The shot below was of one wall of the previous sale – this time is going to be bigger and better (and they’ll have rolling racks this time!)


One thought on “Epic clothing sale at the Grace Gallery. July 25, 2009

  1. Hi Kim, Cool, sounds awesome. And it’s 2 days after your Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it is awesomeness! Wish I could come celbrate with you.


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