has finally made it to the internet.

well today i have been sewing. its very exciting. however after my zipper broke and i actually sewed through the tip of my finger, i decided to take a little break. i have been trying to get my website all ready to roll under my domain name… kimcathers. it’s been long overdue, the need to shed the discollection brand thahas been following me since my store closed.
so today with a bleeding finger i impressed myself and got geeky. i figured out how to point this and that, here and there, so now my blog is in the right place on the internet. its a glorrious day.

5 thoughts on “ has finally made it to the internet.

  1. way to go, i didn’t even have to update my RSS! hope all the creativity is flowing there, i am super impressed by you being out there on your own and facing your fears and all that. can’t wait to see how the collection turns out!

  2. Kim, I taught you years ago and you may not remember me, but I saw Project Runway- I am addicted to it!- and saw you on there and was SO proud of you. I live in Victoria now and would love to see you. My e-mail is

    Sending love and wishing all of the luck in the world!!

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