8 thoughts on “Day 3 Galiano. Kdon Video Blog Entry.

  1. Dear Kim,

    great idea, your solitude mission…
    “Something for your mind, your body and your soul…”

    I wish, I would have an opportunity like your’s to open my mind and blast my brain free for new ideas sometimes 😉

    All the best and good luck for your future career as fashion-designer, your “kdon” line brand and 90 day solitude mission on Galiano Island!

    A really nice place, where you stay there. The glasshouse and yard at the beach looks really fantastic. I guess, this is a wonderful place for a creative, to relax and find into new ideas, ways and dimensions of art and design.

    Keep on your good designer-work and take care 🙂

    Best Regards from Germany

    Discollection Media

  2. Kim, that is so cool that you are getting messages from Germany.

    Yesterday was so cool. I got an order for two original paintings from one of my collectors in England (I think he already owns 6 of my originals), an order for 4 prints to a lady in Fort McMurray, a booking for a art workshop for a family of 7 from a lady in Whiterock, BC who is also going to drive to Kamloops this weekend so she can shop from me at the Christmas Craft Fair, a local customer stopped by to pick up a matted print, all in the same day! Isn’t that crazy!? Plus I have 3 people working for me right now (part time).

    I’m going to 4 xmas craft fairs this nov. It’s going to be biz-y.

    Tonight I’m going to play ice hockey. Tomorrow I’m going to clean up my studio so my studio mate can teach a workshop this weekend. I still haven’t cleaned up from my workshop I taught on the 19th woops.

    Saturday I’m going to Kamloops and then up to Sun Peaks to do some sales.

    Have a Happy Halloween!! What are you going to be?

    Luv Kendra

  3. Hi Kim,
    I had a good sale at the xmas craft fair in Kamloops and up at the gallery at Sun Peaks. Now I’m getting ready for the Kelowna Christmas Craft Fair. Lots to do!

    How was your Halloween?? Did you have fun? Wish I was there!

    Kendra 🙂

  4. Hi Kim, glad to hear how you are. come back to portobello one day! can’t wait to see PRC. So glad and a little envious that you get to stay out in Galiano, away from the insanity of the city. take care, your old stall mate Janet

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