riverdance, an urban cabin and more. a short tale of one girl, her home and her dog.

Just recently I was informed that it was time to move. I have a love hate relationship with moving, on one hand its a great excuse to clean my room and reorganize my furniture and on the other its such a freakin hassle. Packing all the things I hold so dear, sorting out which junk to keep and which to toss, wondering all the while why I need to keep junk at all.

I have lived in my current apartment for one year and have cursed the people upstairs daily for what I refer to as their riverdance routine. Its endearing in its own sick way, all hours of everyday they make this repetitive noise that if you listen long enough it sounds choreographed, and could probably get them a leading role in the show. In the last month they added a new sound, perhaps they invested in clogs ???

movin in

I don’t love the mice, spiders, moths, silverfish, ants and lack of sunlight either, the banging door right beside my window or the regular junkies crouched below my window smoking crack at night.

I’ve thought about moving almost everyday as I work in the studio/kitchen/living room with not a window to speak of. But now, now that the day of moving trucks, boxes, and heavy lifting approaches I am starting to already miss this silly little place. In all its glory the building happens to be named THE ROYAL MANSIONS, and in its own way…. it is just that.

Finding a new home is nothing short of a giant mission. For starters I have a dog. A lovely lovable mellow dog, and yet, every add in all of craigslist has the thing I scan for first… the dreaded NS/NP/NF/NF/NP

ok ok the first two, no smoking, no pets are more common than the latter; no fun, no friends, no parties.

But seriously folks, its virtually impossible to find a place that allows dogs, and if you do, they are things like “urban cabins”, and “garden level” suites. What they all really mean to say is, here is this dilapidated shack with hot plate where you and your wild animal can fend for food and pick through the garbage piling up the door, or here is our “garden level” suite, and oh, did we forget to mention that it comes without windows…But you don’t mind do you, because the good news is, is that you and your animal can live together!

happy kids

True, this is a bit of a rant more than a little tale of a girl and her dog, but at the very least its a tribute to the riverdance that I will certainly miss. So to the future and beyond. I’ll let you know what turns up, maybe I will invite you all over to an “urban cabin” where you can take turns coming inside for a housewarming party since its maximum capacity would only be 3 people at a time. Oh, and one dog.

Til the next tale ..

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