It’s Biddell Bitch

who t f are those pimps!

Last night the finale of Project Runway aired, and I watched in awe and glee as my friend Evan Biddell won first place. I hate to say I told you so, but really… I told you so. I said from day one that he would win, I just knew because I have worked with him, been his friend, and know that he is a crazy ass dude. Bids is one of the most amazing designers I have ever met, I think in part it is his organic style of construction and part his ability to literally whip things out of thin air. Evan and I shared my studio for a couple months last summer and I have to say that being in the same room sewing and designing with him was the most excellent time, we danced, and sang and sewed, and made beautiful things. I t was glorious.

So congratulations to Bid’s, take the world by storm baby, and don’t forget to write!

Much love from all those who know you.

One thought on “It’s Biddell Bitch

  1. Wow. Cool that you know him. I watched the whole season, too, and totally think Biddell rocked. I especially loved the silver dress he made for Iman. Congratulations to him!

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