Discollection’s Designer Vintage and kdon Photoshoot

Since this website is new, I’ve got a bunch of stuff to catch you all up on… I know I know, you can hardly wait… so here you are.

This past August Kris Krug and I collaborated with Margie Torgerson, Shai Dhali and Petrina Torgerson on an innovative photoshoot in the alleys of Gastown. Margie got her hair done by Shai at Prepwork, after we met at discollection for styling and make-up. I styled Margie in outfits made from a combination of vintage and kdon clothes, Petrina did her make-up, and Kris lead us through Gastown…..shooting pictures all the way…. t’was fun. 🙂

Here are some pictures from the  shoot:

Margaret Torgerson - kdon Photoshoot

One thought on “Discollection’s Designer Vintage and kdon Photoshoot

  1. Hello Kim,

    I heard about the Discollection fashion show thats happening today for WEAVE.
    It’s for sucha great cause, I work with the UN, and it’s great to hear that local fashion designers acknowledge local charities such as WEAVE.
    I am a also a photographer…..I’m really excited about your store. Im always looking to find new stores that sell something unique, stores like USED, DREAM and MINTAGE get boring after a while. I will be sure to visit you in December when i do my x-mas shopping.

    Have a great show, and week.

    – J

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